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CraziestProject.com ♥♥ PR3 ♥♥ First page on google for "vector design" keyword

Discussion in 'Services' started by marciello, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. marciello

    marciello New Member Webmaster


    CraziestProject.com was created to be a blog for graphic design and any other IT related job. I wanted to tell public the flow of the projects from the very beginning until they have been completed. Unfortunately I have not had time to update the content or even the website design. I used this website as my experiment on SEO and as a platform to build my clients' website which unexpectedly raising the value of it.


    1. PR3
    2. First page on google for "vector design" keyword
    3. First page on google for "design vector" keyword
    4. Catchy domain name ( I guess :D)
    5. Linked on several wikipedia page


    1. I haven't done any monetizing work on this website. I'm very sure that someone can utilize this site for advertising purpose.
    2. Furthermore, graphic house or graphic designer can take advantage of the "vector design" keyword to promote and sell their work.

    What's included in the sale

    1. Craziestproject.com domain
    2. All of the subdomains (most of the them were my pitching works)

    Bonuses for BIN

    1. Additional SEO
    2. FOC website redesign (only based on my propose designs)

    Why I'm selling this site?

    I want to concentrate on my new company website and I want someone to utilize CraziestProject.com to the max.

    Where to bid?
    CraziestProject.com for sale

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