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Custom Graphic Designing Services.

Discussion in 'Services' started by prateekshawebdesign, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. prateekshawebdesign

    prateekshawebdesign New Member Webmaster

    We provide the following services

    * Product Photo Masking and Retouching
    * Adding watermark and removal of background

    Photo Masking / Retouching Services

    A flawed image can still be usable and look good if a professional hand weaves its magic and removes the flaws and imperfections in the photograph. The process is called Photo Retouching, and is a highly specialized job, which requires adequate skills and qualifications to deliver flawless image out of a flawed one.

    The Graphic Designers at Prateeksha Web Design ensure that your distorted photograph is given a new lease of life, and make it as correct as possible through the use of state-of-the-art technologies that we have mastered. Some of the photo retouching tasks that we can achieve without leaving a trace of tampering on the photograph include, color changing of eye, skin or hair, removing eye glasses or acne or dark spots, color balancing, minor repairs like red eye, heavy crease removal, etc.

    Enhancement of Product Image

    When you sell $100 to $1000 worth of products online, it is sensible to enhance your products photos to
    make it more presentable so it sells faster. We can give you such that type of edge. With various services such as background removal, cutout, logo or watermark embeding, colour correction etc.

    If you want to extract a portion from the image or blank out the background from the marked portion, it is achieved through the process of Digital Photo Masking. The steps involved are simple. You just take an image, mark out the portion you want (or mark out the portion you don’t want) in the image, and our expert Graphics Designers handle the rest.

    Why us ?

    * Completely customized services
    * High quality output with no evidence of tampering left on the photograph
    * Dedicated and skillful Graphic Designers, artists, and photographers to lend that professional touch
    * Highly affordable manipulation of your cherished photographs
    * Rich experience of satisfactorily serving the most complex requirements of hundreds of clients

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