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Dedicated Hosting - When is the right time?

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by gkd_uk, May 9, 2008.

  1. gkd_uk

    gkd_uk Moderator Moderator Webmaster

    When do you think it is good time to switch to dedicated hosting? How would you know when to switch e.g. once a site is receiving 500 thousand users per month etc
  2. itconstruct

    itconstruct New Member Webmaster

    It depends on how many resources are being used on the server and what restrictions you have on your account.

    If you are finding it hard to keep within the restrictions on a shared server then it is time to go to a dedicated server so that you are the only one using it because you need full use of the resources on your site.

    Which website and which host are you referring to as it makes a difference as all of them have different restrictions and set ups!
  3. BionicInternetLtd

    BionicInternetLtd New Member Webmaster


    There is a very simple answer to this question and it is "When you are ready"

    When you feel you have the necessary management skills to run a dedicated server.

    However, you *may* be forced intop using a dedi if you site is out doing those of a shared platform, i.e using too much load etc etc.

    The choice is yours, but If you shop around and dont just go on price then you are laughing! :)
  4. gfxguru

    gfxguru New Member Webmaster

    well when ur website uses a lot bandwidth and memory resource, thats the time u should move to dedicated hosting. You might look to our hosting packages. GFXWebHosting.Com
  5. TheeCommerceConsultant

    TheeCommerceConsultant New Member Webmaster

    I agree with what everyone says, it is a matter of need vs economics. If you are asking the question then it is probably about time to move. It is the normal thing though, just because you have 500k visitors a month does not mean a massive load on the server, but if your host provider is saying time to move then you are putting a strain on resource.

    There are some great deals to be had out there, rapidswitch were doing 1U space for about 50 quid a month with unlimited bandwidth, you provide the server. They are speed tested and one of the fastest hosts in europe. Shop around, check bandwidth allowance and do a network check on them. Also check their resilliance.
  6. dbbrock1

    dbbrock1 New Member Webmaster

    It really all depends on what you are running. A simple php based website could run fine on a shared plan at 500,000 visits a month. But if for instance you have an active forum with 300+ members online at a time, dedicated is your only option
  7. blacknight

    blacknight New Member Webmaster

    If your site is making you enough money then upgrading to dedicated probably makes sense.
  8. neilrbowen

    neilrbowen Member Webmaster

    There is a new middle ground though, VPS or VDS, basically a part of a dedicated server that is a good step between shared hosting and a dedicated server for several reasons.

    1) Formats if you break it are quick and easy
    2) Pretty cheap in comparison
    3) Why pay for a whole server when you dont yet need it
    4) Good to learn on without wasting lots of money

    But id say it depends on both Profit your making and growth predictions, you don't want to keep moving host, or even having to upgrade your server! So plan for the future if you can afford to.

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