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Design generates sales

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by Janifer, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Janifer

    Janifer New Member Webmaster

  2. azeemi

    azeemi New Member Webmaster

    I think they have a big company behind but best for you to first check their profile.
    Will you plz tell me little bit about your project?
    may be i will help you to find a best company for serve you.
  3. Floobynooby

    Floobynooby New Member Webmaster

    Choosing a web design/development company is a personal preference. Its difficult to give advise on a companies services, if you haven't used them. Speak to the company have a look at their portfolio and contact some of the companies who have dealt with them and find what they have to say about what they have to say about the companies services and after sales support. If that's all positive and you are happy with the price then at least you can feel confident about using the company.
  4. cheekyman

    cheekyman New Member Webmaster


    Hi Yall,
    Want to create your own website?
    No HTML required
    Create and publish within hours!!!
    1,000 Templates
    Ask to see latest designs
    Contact: websiteZ4u.co.uk:coolv:

  5. RCAds

    RCAds New Member Webmaster

    Does the company have testimonials (though of course they could be faked)? If they are worth their beans they will have a portfolio of previous work you can review.
  6. jen.bas

    jen.bas New Member Webmaster

    I agree, we don't want just some junk pages for our site..
  7. timon79

    timon79 New Member Webmaster

    Hey Janifer,
    I think it depends on your platform for what you want, if it is for a blog like wordpress then there are many many great designers out there, one in particular i like is at -

    Woothemes - buyers-web.com/go/woothemes


    Elegant Themes - buyers-web.com/go/elegantthemes

    or if it in not for a blog i would recommend calling the company and discuss it personally as a free enquiry and quote..

    What sort of website was it for, sorry i think i just assumed it was for a blog..?

    Timon Weller
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2009
  8. BlueBoden

    BlueBoden New Member Webmaster

    Its not so much a question about what the various companies can offer, unlike what was stated in one of the articles. Because any good web design company, generally won't have any limits, unless its something of unusual character.

    Its more about choosing the freelancer or company, who actually knows what they are doing. And for that it would be better to have a look at their websites, ask them about how much they will charge you for a draft, some may provide drafts for free.

    Its important to understand that drafts are subject to change, its not something which should indicate how a final website would look and "feel". The whole idea about giving clients a draft, is so they can inform us about what they want changed. The client begins by telling the designer about their wishes, and the designer provide them with a draft, usually located on a development server.

    I wont hesitate to say that good web designers ain't to be found on freelancer sites, or bidding for project sites, they are more likely to be designers who lack the routine and experience required to work with their clients. Good web designers should make their clients come to them, rather then actually look for work, and risk not getting the job, or risk being underpaid.

    I for one, would never sign up on such sites, one reason being that i may as well create the site myself, and this wouldn't take more then 1-3 weeks, even down to a few days given i had existing code ready. Another being that i don't get any payment for the time i spend on such sites, usually the consulting alone is something which costs a smaller fee, however bidding on those sites is something you do unpaid, and that's while the projects often tend to be underpaid.

    Clients are usually far between, so we want to maintain a good relationship with the few we have, rather then sell them some useless junk they can't use, that is unless you are really unlucky. But i would say that its generally easy to spot the rotten apples, because their websites tend to have many similarities with spammer sites.

    Its only unfortunate whan a company have been inspired by other similar "companies" to have a testimonials section/page, or have limited options for their visitors to interact with their sites, they could at least have a forum or the possibility to post comments if you ask me. Again these seam very unprofessionally done, having such pages is something i associate with spammers.

    If a company want to appear like someone in authority, they should avoid many such "bad-practices", not that there is anything wrong with testimonials, but they should atleast be relevant as well as real. The testimonials page should not just be a static page, like it is on most websites.

    Most Good web designers also have existing code ready, or even fully functional CMS solutions, which then gets modified to suit each of their clients whishes.

    Above means that they can have a finished site ready within 1-3 days, again depending on the wishes of the client. But as such still relatively fast, this is where some will charge you on a per hourly basics, based on how long it generally take to create similar sites from scratch.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2009

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