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Discussion in 'iG Shop' started by mr_blobby, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. mr_blobby

    mr_blobby New Member Webmaster

    I installed this igshop software looking to use it on my site, I also got the eerors tht most folks have stated on this forum.
    I find it disgracefull that folks come here looking for help, and basically having to battle against all odds and find the problem themseleves or other just giving up.

    I have seen nothing on how to correct any errors, which realy sickens me when folks realy need help on installing this shop hack.
    I won`t be gong any further with it myself, as I don`t know how to correct the errors and really don`t have the time to sit for hours.

    So why don`t you get your finger out of your backside and start advising folks on how to resolve there problems.

    I don`t care that it`s free, most php stuff is free. But atleast folks who write srcipts are on hand to solve any problems you might have.
  2. goose

    goose New Member Webmaster

    I think that when a free php script does not work ... it is handy when you have a forum like this... And a big mistake to make is ( i did it myself !) is to ask your question without reading the forum topics where that question is asked and answered before ...
    But maybe a FAQ here on this page is needed
    We keep on trying to get this baby up and running

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