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Do you use SMF free forum software?

Discussion in 'Forums' started by Beverly, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Beverly

    Beverly New Member Webmaster

    I love SMF free forum software as it's simple to install and the admin interface is easy to use. There are many good mods available for SMF to customize the look and functionality including anti-spam and even profile page customization. Recently, they've come out with some very decent SMF themes that compare with what you might find for MyBB.

    Though it's not as good as a paid software such as Xenforo, the forum software does serve the same purpose for having a forum especially for someone on a limited budget.

    Have you tried SMF free forum software? And, if so, what are your thoughts about it?
  2. Ricus

    Ricus New Member Webmaster

    SMF is one of the worst free forum softwares and only has poor features. On the other hand it is extremely user friendly, but nevertheless the features are more important to the visitors. Also the plugin installation is more difficult, then MyBB. The worst free forum software is still phpBB though, as it only is a bit more advanced than plain HTML text.
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  3. lucasbytegenius

    lucasbytegenius New Member Webmaster

    SMF is garbage to me, it's right up there with phpBB. It's out of date, underfeatured, and its features are crappy. I'd rather go with Vanilla or MyBB.
  4. Shortie861

    Shortie861 New Member Webmaster

    I have only ever used SMF once and that was a long time ago and I never really liked working with it. There is so much missing from SMF compared to other free forum softwares that it can see quite basic. I don't mind using an SMF forum as a member but when it comes to using it and working on it for my own forum it's a no go, if anything I would rather go the MyBB route than the SMF route for free software.
  5. SeanFace101

    SeanFace101 New Member Webmaster

    No, i cant say i do. I prefer to us phpBB free forum software. Mybb is a pretty good one too!

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