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Domain parking script - keep 100% of your parked revenue! Unlimited domains!

Discussion in 'Domains' started by domainzaar, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. domainzaar

    domainzaar New Member Webmaster

    DomainZaar.com is proud to offer you D-Park Pro, the perfect domain parking script that will take care of all your domain parking needs. Keep 100% of the revenue! No more sharing!

    Manage all your domains on one host. The script can automatically show different content for each domain name. Park all your domain names on one hosting account and use just one D-Park Pro script installation to manage which content is shown for each. Content can be automatically generated by entering just a few keywords. Cut hosting and domain parking costs.
    Earn cash from your domain names.The current version of D-Park Pro supports many different income streams, including but not limited to: Google Adsense, Ebay Partner Network, and Amazon Associates. Simply enter your account ID's into the script to start earning revenue.
    Automate or Customize.The script can automatically generate content using RSS feeds and advertising based on just a few keywords of your choosing. It can create "Search Engine Friendly" virtual pages which fill with relevant content on the fly. Alternatively you can use the built in control panel to customize the content shown for each domain and create static pages.

    Market your domains. If you choose to mark a domain for sale, then a For Sale notice will be shown on parking pages. This also enables a secure interface by which you can receive offers from prospective buyers via email. The script also has the option to allow you to display recent offers for the domain to other visitors. All the tools for domain name bidding war!

    Quick setup. After you have uploaded the script to your web host, simply navigate to your primary domain name to get started... After entering a few details such as your advertising account IDs and keywords, the parking pages are created instantly. If you choose to further customize the pages, the tools are provided for you to do so. No database is required.
    So why use this domain parking script and not a domain parking service?
    Well, that question is answered quite simply with another question: "Do you want to share your revenue with a domain parking company? Or would you rather park all your domains on one of your hosting accounts and keep all the advertising revenue?" You can view a sample parked page using our script at Home Page at D-Park Pro Script

    Bonus. With every purchase of the D-Park Pro domain parking script, we are currently giving away a bonus package of over 100 scripts!

    I have read the above, but what is it? D-Park Pro serves the purpose of being a Domain Parking Script, Adsense Script, Affiliate Page Script, and/or a Database Independent CMS (content management system). Allowing you to quickly monetize parked domains

    Our script is priced very competitively at only $249. Limited time offer: use coupon GIVE100 to get $100 off.
    Click here to see more information on D-Park Pro domain parking script.
  2. harleydudetexas

    harleydudetexas New Member Webmaster

    I would suggest you do some major research on this company...They took my money and could not get the script to work. Here's some other things to consider. 1) read their support forum and notice the lack of responses to questions 2) most post are from 2009 3) any good ratings you see are in a very short period of time. I would ask you how you get eight reviews in a two week period, yet in five years you get no more? I believe they made the reviews up personally. You can pull my name up and look at additional information that I have found out. Bottom line is buy a lottery ticket...you will get more out of it.
  3. harleydudetexas

    harleydudetexas New Member Webmaster

    The owner of DomainZaar.com has stepped up to the table and made everything 100% right. At the end of the day when I bought the script in 2008 THE OLD OWNER had not cleared some issues in the software and I was not that easy to deal with thinking that the new owner was pulling my leg as well. I received the new and improved updated version and I am amazed. I am not being paid to say this, nor did I get any coaching. I am telling you now the new version is awesome. What they say on there way site is true 100% based on what I have done with the script. The ease of this script and adding content is really nice. The best feature of all is being able to literally add hundreds of domains with a txt file. If you own one domain or thousands I would recommend domainzaar/d-park to anyone as of this date. I have become a fan and suggest you get your copy today.

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