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Duplicate content penalty for aggregated content?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by dRB, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. dRB

    dRB New Member Webmaster

    Unique content good seo practice

    Always having a unique content is the best practice of doing seo. If you have aggregated the content from different source just modify it. Google will give weightage to good quality content, a site with good information.

    duplicate content can turndown your page rank.
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    It is highly likely that the contents you are talking about will be considered duplicate and your site will not be ranked well, I don't think duplicate content penalty exist anymore, your site/page will just not be indexed or ranked well.
  3. searchbrat

    searchbrat New Member Webmaster

    As someone mentioned there is no real duplicate content penalty, as in Google will not put you in some black hole marked for sites with duplicate content. The problem with your site is, depending on what keyword you are targeting, the sites you take content from will more than likely rank above you. Plus your page will just look like a links page to Google. Remember every outbound link takes a little of your PR. So you will have less to spread around to different areas of your site. Lastly will is harder to attract inbound links to pages with little content.

    That being said it's not impossible to get a page like that ranked but it's a whole lot harder.
  4. johnafrankllin

    johnafrankllin New Member Webmaster

    I am totally agree with temi. But the ranking could be improved through doing seo on that website. I have seen some websites with 100% duplicate content but but both the replica and original websites are ranking well. Just keep on building links, keep the site structure clean and navigable, light weight and you will find no problem with some of the duplicate contents.
  5. bobwilson37

    bobwilson37 New Member Webmaster

    As you said that the duplicate site won't get penalized but if you use duplicate content definitely you won't get results by SEO..As search engines always believes in "content is king", so it's better to avoid..No penalties are happening, we will proceed means it's a worthless and no use....Thanks for writing..

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