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Earn fast money by nothing Scams

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by Ricus, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Ricus

    Ricus New Member Webmaster

    Too many people are adding very long websites, which only need to be scrolled and are to 99% scam websites. They often promise you very large amounts of money in a very short periode of time and all that by you doing nothing, but investing. To make it more trustworthy these so called "internet marketers" often add a nice little video, explaining how the system works, without the most important detail though.
  2. ashkan

    ashkan New Member Webmaster

    That is not the case always. I was never fond of making those things as an internet marketer myself. I found that selling products through my own websites is a lot better then having those separate sites.

    I find the whole idea of the huge page full of information about how this product will change your life and make you rich to be very lame. I find videos to be very effect. I don't buy those types of things but I enjoy watching the videos as it gives a better understanding to me of how to get people to buy my products. Some of the videos people make are very good and sometimes make me want to buy their product.
  3. lowriderSTi

    lowriderSTi New Member Webmaster

    Believe me, I'm fed up with this kind of sites...tons of text just to promote their product.
  4. isuit21

    isuit21 New Member Webmaster

    This is my opinion as well! I am not only fed up with them trying to promote their products, but simply how they do it and what they try to sell. Their products are too often not working or scams and they promote it as if you could make money without working at all.
  5. EdwardKingston

    EdwardKingston New Member Webmaster

    Now this is something I wasn't aware of. Thanks alot for sharing,
  6. NeoGills

    NeoGills New Member Webmaster

    These sites make only scam, just a waste of time....
    they almost do black hat SEO!
  7. BigBigFan

    BigBigFan New Member Webmaster

    The long pages aren't designed to be aimed at webmasters, we know better, they are designed to lure casual web surfers into believing that the product is good. The long sale page works or else it wouldn't be so popular. Still, I hate them too.
  8. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Member Webmaster

    They're known as "Squeeze Pages", and there is actually a Wordpress Theme/Plugin that will help you build them pretty easily - it even comes with all the trademark graphical elements. You'll see this crap all over Warrior Forum. There's actually another web site called JV Notify Pro where you can see all the upcoming "products" that are scheduled to launch and sign up to become an affiliate marketer for it. They basically just make money off of shilling these eBooks, not off of the supposed techniques they contain within them. Most of those tactics are just old black hat methods that don't even work today or perhaps never worked in the first place but sound convincing enough.
  9. bauss

    bauss New Member Webmaster

    I close these sites immediately, and I often see them as popup ads on some websites. I personally think they're all talking crap in those videos, but some might be legit. I would never waste my time testing out their methods myself though, because I prefer creating opportunities for myself with my own website.
  10. Dmarcotte

    Dmarcotte New Member Webmaster

    I actually have a website where I teach a simple system to figuring out when you should believe these kinds of sites and when you can't. It is a few simple steps:
    1. Check www.IMreportcard.com for reviews - they keep tabs on the most popular items
    2. email the person selling and ask them for examples of specific sites that use the system - if it is a scam they either won't answer or will just send you more sales copy
    3. Google the name of the product with the word scam and without the word scam to see what others say.

    If you get positive responses on all of these then go ahead an buy the product. I like to keep one rule in mind though - if the product really made thousands of dollars that easily the make would be sipping Mai Tai's on a beach somewhere, not selling the process to the public.
  11. tweety23

    tweety23 New Member Webmaster

    Yes, I've come across sites like this all the time. Get Cash for Surveys is one of them. They also charge you to use their system. Luckily they promise to refund you for your money if you're not satisfied. The only problem is after you leave the system they won't stop calling you. After a couple of months, I haven't heard anything from them recently.

    Check out their site, they make their program sound very convincing:

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