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Email marketing question: using dial-up to send emails, scraping emails using home IP

Discussion in 'Email' started by eitems4734, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. eitems4734

    eitems4734 New Member Webmaster

    I will not be selling anything through my email list but only sending free ebook download link or where to view the ebook. So, it won't be anything related to spam.

    1. If I use my own IP address at home (will change it every other day) to extract email addresses from SE and websites, do I have to worry about getting banned from my ISP in the same way sending thousands of emails a day, because I will only be extracting emails and not sending any emails?

    2. Did anyone experienced using DIAL-UP sending emails in bulk using any email sender? I ask because using dial-up you get brand new IP address everytime you reconnect, so I need not worry about IP getting banned and emails getting bounced and marked as spam. Besides, its cheaper then getting a dedicated server [​IMG]

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