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Enabling a User 'Log In' menu-item to display on Boss Cart JV

Discussion in 'Boss Cart - JV Series' started by widgetuk, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    Hi All,

    Just wondered about the following concept and how to get around it.

    1. Someone visits your Boss Cart JV store, fills up their shopping cart (one hopes!!), and then proceeds to checkout and purchase from your store.

    2. They are required to register for an account, which may be invisible to them (as per the admin settings in Boss Cart administration).

    3. At the point of making a purchase, something goes wrong with the payment within Paypal (or whatever purchasing gateway is used). eg their webbrowser crashes as the Paypal page loads, before they've clicked to confirm the payment.

    So, they've registered, they've processed their order and you've received the emails to show what they've ordered... BUT, they've not actually successfully paid yet because the browser crashed.

    As such, they want to go back to your website and carry on to make the payment. So they go back, and notice that their cart is now EMPTY!!! What should they do???

    Well, if they are still logged in, they can go to Account Administration, find their order, and then click on the "Paypal Pay now" logo and finish the payment. Phew! Great.

    BUT... what if they are not still logged in. ie. they didnt realise the payment wasnt successful, turn off the PC and then only realised afterwards that maybe the payment didnt work because they never saw a confirmation email from Paypal.

    So, they go back to your store, and there's not a link anywhere to LOG IN to their account! Confusing?!? What should the customer do to login and make the payment?

    This also applies if the user wants to just log in and check their past orders on their account at some point. No link to enable login!

    My attempt to fix this omission from the Boss Cart Store:

    I decided to try and enable the 'Log In' menu item in the left hand menu of the default Boss Cart JV template. I read on a previous post, that there is a 'hidden' administration page for the webmaster of a Boss Cart JV store, which is ....

    This has a few nice options in it to help easily customize your store so I'm not sure why it's hidden.

    Anyway, in this screen, you can enable the 'Log In' menu item ("Show a Login Form for the customers?" radio box). So, I enabled it.

    Great! Anyone who already has an account with my store can now login and view their orders, etc. or continue and make a payment that's not already been made for some reason first time around.

    BUT!! Problem. If the user doesnt have an account yet, and see's this login option, maybe they think "Ok I want an account" even if they've not yet made a purchase. This is ok with me as the store owner because it means they will receive my mass mailing newsletters and I can hopefully get them to make a purchase one day. So, how do they get an account without making a purchase? Obvious, they click the "not registered yet?" link which automatically displays at below the Username/Password login prompts on the now enabled Log in menu item.

    Here's a new issue, this link doesnt work. It's like a corrupt link or something. So can anyone think what this link should be really? And then, if you know what the link should be, then which script file in Boss Cart JV do you update to fix this link problem?!?!

    If we can find this, then, I reckon we've solved an problem for Boss Cart JV store owners who want their users to be able to login to their own accounts! :)

    I look forward to finding a solution together.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, 2008
  2. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant Webmaster

    Nice catch, this bug has not reported so far. The new JV version will be released soon, but at the moment we are very busy with our Boss Cart Premium script. Once we are done with that i will compile every good idea, which was discussed here at the support forum, and will be implemented into the new version.
    For now please open the following file /administrator/components/com_sef/language/plugins/com_virtuemart.php and replace the current content with this
    if (!defined('_VALID_MOS')) die('Direct Access to this location is not allowed.');
    // {shSourceVersionTag: Version x - 2007-09-20} 
      // english
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_LIST_ALL_PRODUCTS'] = 'View all products';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_LIST_ALL_SHOP_PRODUCTS'] = 'View all products in shop';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CART_TITLE'] = 'View your cart content';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_ADD'] = 'Add item to your cart';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_UPDATE'] = 'Update your cart content';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_DELETE'] = 'Remove item from your cart';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_SEARCH_TITLE'] = 'Perform detailed search';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CHECKOUT_TITLE'] = 'Go through checkout process';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_ACCOUNT_TITLE'] = 'View your account details';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_ACC_ACCOUNT_INFO'] = 'Billing information';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_ACC_SHIP_INFO'] = 'Shipping information';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_VIEW'] = 'View';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_ORDER_ITEM'] = 'Detail of order';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CHECKOUT_MSG_2'] = 'Select shipping address';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CHECKOUT_MSG_3'] = 'Select shipping method';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CHECKOUT_MSG_4'] = 'Select payment method';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CHECKOUT_MSG_99'] = 'Check and validate order';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_PRODUCT'] = 'Pproduct';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_PRODUCT_DETAILS_shop.flypage'] = 'Detailed product flyer';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_PRODUCT_DETAILS_shop.flypage_lite_pdf'] = 'Product flyer pdf';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_PRODUCT_DETAILS_shop.flypage_new'] = 'Product flyer type two';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_PRODUCT_DETAILS_shop.garden_flypage'] = 'Product flyer type garden';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_CATEGORY'] = 'Category';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_MANUFACTURER'] = 'Manufacturer';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_ROOT_CAT'] = 'Root category';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_DOWNLOADS_TITLE'] = 'Download area';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_MORE_IMAGES'] = 'See more images';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_SH_PRODUCT_IMAGE'] = 'Product image';
    $sh_LANG['en']['_PHPSHOP_SH_CREATE_ACCOUNT'] = 'Create account';

    Save the file, and the link will work properly.
    Thank you
  3. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    Hmmn glad to hear there'll be a fix in the new version Bagi, and thanks for trying a quick fix for it in the mean time.

    However, followed your instructions above, and sadly the Register link on the left hand menu still doesnt work, i get the following error message still;

    404: Not Found

    Sorry, but the content you requested could not be found
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2008
  4. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    If anyone is trying to follow this, who doesnt have the updated fixed version installed, then apply the fix that Bagi has suggested above, but also, clear your cache in the administration menu of Boss Cart JV! This is aparently why mine didnt work after I applied the fix to start with. Cheers, Jon

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