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Error handling

Discussion in 'Programming' started by lala, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. lala

    lala New Member Webmaster

    We struggle to come up with a decent error handling function. I thought that I use a global variable $live to easily make a switch from testing to live. I will keep the function in an include file.
    I kind of got there to print a "user-friendly" message when the site is live, but it messes up the whole page layout. Don't how to print the error message in the content area. How would I adjust my error handler and what would I add to "<?php require_once $content; ?>"?

    My error handler:
    /*-- start output buffering--*/
    /*-- live site --*/
    /*-- error handling function giving back error number, the actual message, the error file, the error line and the variables (what are variable in this context?) --*/
    function my_error_handler ($e_number, $e_message, $e_file, $e_line, $e_vars) {
    /*-- make $live global --*/
    global $live;
    /*-- set error message for testing together --*/
    $message="Error in file '$e_file' on line $e_line: $e_message\n";
    /*-- error message for live site should not give any detail about problem, just an apology --*/
    $user="We apologise for the problems on this page...";
    /*-- if there are error messages print the standard user message --*/
    if ($message==0){echo $user;}else{
    /*-- otherwise say 'hi there' --*/
    echo ('');}
    /*-- do it only once as user should not see the apology more than once --*/
    } else {
    /*-- if site is in testing print the acual error messages --*/
    echo '<div class="error">'.$message.'</div><br/>';
    /*-- as everything is defined now, set the error handler, so it's ready to be used --*/

    Also, in the bit "if ($message==0)" I would have thought that comparing $message to 1 would have printed the user-friendly error message (as I thought 1 means that there is one or more error message).

    Any help appreciated.


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Thread Status:
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