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ETL Testing Online Training | Online ETL Testing Training in USA, UK, CANADA, MALAYSIA

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by millermill, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. millermill

    millermill New Member Webmaster

    ETL TESTING Online Training is the one of the best online course exhaustive overall which is given by LEAD ONLINE TRAINING.LEAD ONLINE TRAINING are a standout amongst the most trusted ETL TESTING Online Training establishments among the world.

    ETL Testing Online Training class substance is intended to get the position in major MNC organizations. All our mentors are gifted coaches and also have the constant involvement with demonstrated reputation in ETL TESTING Online Training. ETL TESTING Online Training class substance is intended to get the position in major MNC organizations.

    ETL Testing Online Training essentially means for Extract Transform Load - which simply involves the process where you extract data from tables Source, convert to the desired format according to certain rules and then load them to the target tables. ETL Testing Online Training there are many tools that help you with the ETL - Informatica, Control-M is a bit noticeable ones.So ETL tests implies - Testing of this process by using a tool or table level using test cases and ETL Online Testing Training Rules Mapping document.In ETL tests, the following are validated –

    1) Source system data file charges on Source Tables.

    2) ETL job is designed to extract the data from the source tables, and then move them to transfer tables. ETL Testing Online Training (Transform process)

    3) validation of data transfer tables to check all the mapping rules / transformation rules are followed.

    4) Validation of data in target tables to ensure data is present the required format and there is no loss of data from the source to the target tables.

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