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Evaluating a quality drop shippers

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by maxlazermarketing, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. maxlazermarketing

    maxlazermarketing New Member Webmaster

    Internet searches can be an effective way to find drop shippers. Especially when you know how to watch out for the scammers.

    You can Google “crystal goblet drop shippers UK” to come up with a long list of suppliers to investigate. However, a quicker and more effective way is to find someone that is already selling items you are interested in. Email or telephone them and ask who the manufacturer or wholesaler is.

    From there it is simple contact the supplier to ask a few questions that separate true suppliers from middlemen. Do you have a membership fee? Do you require minimum orders? Do you manufacture the product? Do you stock the products you sell? Do you have a drop ship programmer?

    Trade shows are another excellent way of finding quality drop shippers. You get to look the supplier in the eye when you ask the important questions we’ve already discussed above. Trade shows also give an opportunity to go into detail about your requirements and learn if the supplier can really meet your needs.

    Finally, a little known but effective source of unique products are government embassies or foreign government export offices. You can contact them for a list of suppliers and often they can provide a list of wholesalers already stocking products in the UK.

    You now know what to look for in a quality drop shipper as well as what to look out for to avoid being scammed.
  2. timon79

    timon79 New Member Webmaster

    I prefer the ones that do not promote online at all that they dropshipping though, more so just to ask via email like you said, that way it is easier to find a niche out there.. :)

    Like if say you do a search on keyword with dropship there will be many doning selling the same product where as if you do a bit more a look by saying keyword manufacturer or keyword wholesaler it can find more reputable companies and then some maybe more inclined to have you as the only dropshipping account..

    When that is the case it is a massive bonus.. :)
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