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Extortionate Private Registration Services fees ... any cheaper option?

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by guvnrDOTcom, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. guvnrDOTcom

    guvnrDOTcom New Member Webmaster

    Anyone got any tips about this? Thing is ...

    Registered a couple of domains today, with LuckRegister, who I use a lot...have about ten domains with them.

    And I added Private Registration Services for $1.99 each pa. Quite reasonable, more or less. (Then again, if the system were consumer-oriented, that would be a simple checkmark, duly databased, for free, no?)

    But then I noticed I had a couple of expiring domains, so went to sort that...

    ...but now LuckyRegister want $7.99 each per annum, just ot renew the Private Registration Services.


    That's a bit steep, no?

    Is there any way of reducing this cost, even if it means transferring my domains?

    Many tx.

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