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Ezines - Have you got one?

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by PrivateInvestigator, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. I was surpirsed to discover that the word "ezine" wasn't mentioned when discussing how to make money from your website.

    I used to run a ezine, buildt it from the groud up to around 800 members (worldwide) single opt in. I got money not from promoting affiliate programs (although many people do) but from selling ad space. I'd publish it once a month with 3 ad slots top, middle and bottom.

    At the start I filled these with ads for other ezines. Ad swaps they'd run my ad and I'd run theirs. I'd always get a few new subscribers from this. The ezine never got the the stage of 100% paid ads as there was always one or two ad swaps in there. I was however making $3 a month for the top ad plcement and a few times $5 when I sold both the top and bottom spots.

    Could have been done better though, that said it did bring me around $30 for its year being published.

    The best part of it was every month I'd get about 30-40% of the subscribers visiting my old website. So it did work to bring in repeat traffic.

    Have any of you got a newsletter for your website?
  2. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    Having your own opt-in mailing list is, by far, the most important thing one can do to protect the longevity of his/her business. And it's important not to e-mail them with a new promo every day, as you'll receive tons of unsubscribes. I like to blend a little content with content related advertising built into the content. But sometimes I like to send an advertising only e-mail, if I think it's going to be a good converter.

    I have thousands and thousands of opt-in subscribers, but then again, I've been at this for 6 years. And each time I send the subscribers an e-mail; I'd be disappointed if that campaign made less than $50.

    I would highly recommend aweber for starters. They only charge $19.95 per month for up to 10,000 subscribers. It's an absolute BARGAIN compared to the likes of ConstantContact, etc.

    Hope that helps.
  3. I see you've done quite well with it. I've got no intention of starting another one up in the near future but I would certinly reccomend it, as for me it brought lots of repeat visitors to my website and online community.

    Some tips:-

    1) Publish it regularly. This is key, let your subscribers know when to expect it. Once a month, once a week, every second thursday.

    2) Try to avoid publishing on mondays as this is the busiest day of the week.

    3) Unlike me use software to automate the subscription / unsubscription. I did it using a text editor and a find/replace command at first. But you will need this software when it becomes popular. You may need a mysql and php on your host server to run many of these softwares if it is not done remotely.

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