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Facebook Private Profile (Albums) Viewer

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by FBViewer0, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. FBViewer0

    FBViewer0 New Member Webmaster

    Dear Everyone,
    A while ago I have had several situations when I wanted to view private profiles photos of facebook members but didn't want to add them as a friend. I was tired of downloading from websites with surveys, RAR files that require passwords, viruses and so on. Nothing was real. Nothing worked. Everywhere were surveys. Everyone hates surveys. So then I decided to code Facebook Private Profile Viewer on my own. Finished it on 25th August 2012, been testing it for a while on countless of private profiles and my software always worked. I am able to see any photos, any private profile, any given datas at anytime. 100% anonymously. No need to add anyone to your friend list. No need to request Add As Friend.

    - it does NOT matter whether or not private profile has timeline layout
    - no need to search for member's facebook ID. Simply just copy/paste the basic link.
    - inbuilt proxies. You may use the software without them as well.
    - unlimited usage
    - possibility to download photos in private albums
    - works on Windows and Linux
    - 100% anonymous usage. Person will never know you looked at their photo albums, their datas or their profile.

    Now I am willing to sell my Facebook Private Profile Viewer software. I won't provide any downloading link but I will send the setup file with license key on your given email address. One license key per one copy of software only. Software is working fine. I guarantee you it will always work on YOUR computer too. As just said I will repeat: Will send you the SOFTWARE with license on your email address. So there cannot be any scams, password requires or the worse - surveys. It will work for you for sure. If anyone wants to buy it or have some questions before buying it, you are always very welcome to ask.

    Contact me on my email message: fbviewer0 AT fastmail DOT fm

    I accept payment via Liberty Reserve. For other questions contact me to make sure that the software works fine. If you don't have Liberty Reserve account, its free to get one. On their (Liberty Reserve's one) website is a list of legitimate and trustful ''exchangers'' who will exchange PayPal balance for Liberty Reserve balance.

    Contact: fbviewer0 AT fastmail DOT fm

    Note to remember: I don't sell the source code of the software but actual software and its license key so you can use it unlimited times. With the software you cannot hack (crack) anyone's password or email address if not given already. You can just VIEW unlimited times private profiles and their albums as well as download private photos.

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