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Fair Review - Fair blog promotion

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by temi, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Fair Review is a blog promotion portal owed by Rhys, I found a link to it in his signature and I quite like the ethos behind it, here is a quote from the site:

    The Fair Review Project is about creating relationships, rather than link exchanges, between bloggers.

    Rather than one blogger getting all the links from your hard work, whilst only giving a link back to the post that mentions them, we give you a link to your blog, plus the opportunity of being reviewed yourself.

    Will hopefully be doing a more detailed blog about it late but in the meantime, you bloggers may want to join the project and get your blogs listed.
  2. flanture

    flanture New Member Webmaster

    This is very good for early adopters since there is more chance that your blog will be reviewed, however when directory reaches 1k+ or even more, chances will drop a lot. Or is my math very bad?
  3. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    You probably right in your assumption. I seriously doubt someone will be browsing through more than 1-2 pages to choose blog for review...

    Unless listings are going to be randomized there is not a big chance that all of them get equal share of reviews.
  4. rhyswynne

    rhyswynne Member Webmaster

    If I can defend what the project is hoping to achieve, and the concerns that people are having:

    I have implemented some "Random" features, such as a random link and a site of the day. Also, the last 10 links get featured first on the home page.

    I encourage people to visit blogs, and go for blogs that may not be the biggest (we have a PR6 and a couple of PR5 blogs on the site), that way they're more likely to get more readers and reciprocal links.

    Also, I do agree that not everybody gets an equal share of reviews. It seems to me that blogs that I consider to be "good" are getting more reviews than blogs that I percieve to be "bad" (standard wordpress templates, sponsored posts, those who game their way onto Fair Review by burying the post in teh midst of time). People who are reporting the most success are bloggers who are small, but undiscovered.
  5. flanture

    flanture New Member Webmaster

    Idea behind Fair Review Project is OK, but some things can be better.

    When Project gets (and if gets?) bigger, let's say with 5k members, chances that new comer gets review is 1:5000 which is very small. He gives 3 links, two towards chosen blog and one towards Project. In return he gets chance to get review in 1:5000.
    Randomizing which blog you have to review doesn't do anything better.

    Project has PR4 on main page but 0 inside directory.

    Maybe better option is to give points to members. More blog you review more points you get. More points you have, more chances you get, which can be easily implemented with some algorithm. In this way bloggers will review more other bloggers, Project gets more links and higher PR etc etc.

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