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FB advertising on Czech FB pages

Discussion in 'Advertising and Media Space' started by Sir-HD, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Sir-HD

    Sir-HD New Member Webmaster

    I offer advertising on Czech FB pages. Iam from Czech republic and I can help with translating texts into Czech.

    Here is list of my current FB pages and prices of one propagation.
    1. FB page, 0,16 £ 5.000 fans
    2. FB page, 0,3£ 10.000 fans
    3. FB page, 0,2£ 6.000 fans
    4. FB page, 0,23£ 7.000 fans
    5. FB page, 0,16 £ 5.000 fans
    6. FB page, 0,63£ 18,500 fans

    Write me to PM for url of FB pages...
    This offer is very good for a websites that: Helps with learning English, Easy jokes to learning English, competition, online games etc... ( It´s only examples ... )

    Write me to PM, payment to the bank account
  2. o0o0

    o0o0 New Member Webmaster


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