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February 2008 Newsletter

Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by temi, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Welcome to UK Webmaster Forum February 2008 Newsletter, just before this message was sent, it was observed that a new PR update happened overnight, you can find the PR update thread here: http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com/...e-ranking-update-29-feb-2008-a.html#post52799

    I want to thank you all for our recent success in obtaining a PR6 for our forum. Our traffic and UV (Unique Visitors) is also spiraling upwards – so thanks to all the UKWW community for your support! With our most recent contest dealing with Search Engine Optimization, we have been receiving an influx of new and great members to our forum.

    #1: SEO Contest 2008! If you've living under a rock, let us tell you about the February 1st kick off of our

    SEO Contest 2008, for which the winner gets a whopping $1,000 USD award, not to mention great publicity for their efforts. UKWW has created an original script to track the contestants.

    Good luck to you all!

    #2: With the server move behind us, we have been enjoying our stable platform, and since we've been growing rapidly as a community, we have taken on new Mods and administrators. Please say congrats to those you know who've been promoted!

    First things first...we would like to congratulate our January Site Of The Month! The award goes to espmartin for this site, Web Standards In Design (PR5).

    Not only does the winning site get the bragging rights of the award, but we also give the winner these enhanced prices:
    · Free banner ad on the UK Webmaster World Forum home page for the following month.
    · Free detailed review article with a back link on the UK Webmaster World Blog.
    · Free featured listing in the appropriate category of UK Webmasters World Directory
    · Free 25 Rating points listing in the appropriate category of World Web Directory
    · Website of the month will now include coverage from SEO Consultancy
    · All listings will be added to SEO Consultancy | UKWW
    Please feel free to nominate your favorite Site Of The Month for February, and don't forget to congratulate January's winner!

    There have been so many useful forum threads this month, it was hard to select one to show off in our newsletter, but since I had to, our most useful threads are:
    · SEO
    Contest 2008
    · Generating Revenue From Your Site
    · List Of Top Directories
    There have bee quite a few Directory sites offering quality entries to UKWW members. Let's take the opportunity to thank those site owners for their kindness and support.

    We would like to take the time to thank all the participants in our SEO Contest 2008. We wish you all great success, and once again, welcome to the UKWW forum.

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