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Five SEO tips to lead you into 2012

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by bbrian017, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. bbrian017

    bbrian017 New Member Webmaster

    I'm by far no SEO Guro but from what I've learned these are five things you may want to pay attention to.

    1. Make sure to use a strong keyword in your title and first paragraph

    2. Allow users to stay on your website easily and navigate to similar topics. The longer a visitors stays on your website will indicate to google that the content in valuable and what you are looking for. This will help you rank higher and maintain that position or a longer period of time.

    3. Reduce the amount of ads distracting the visitor from content they are actually looking for. Creating a clean environment for your visit and a fast loading website will increase your search engine rankings.

    4. Guest blog on several Niche related website and link back to your internal articles. Make sure the guest post is relevant to the keywords and article your trying to rank for. Do this several times throughout the year and as you build these backlinks your articles will rank higher.

    5. By increasing the page views per search engine visitor you indicate to Google that your content is high quality. Overtime this will hap you rank higher in the search engines. Make sure to carefully select your keywords and ensure the content has SEO and Keyword relevancy within the title and content.

    I hope you enjoy them, if you have others please feel free to share them.
  2. jamhassan

    jamhassan New Member Webmaster

    Any other Link Building tip Please ?
  3. jackcalara

    jackcalara New Member Webmaster

    These tips not only for 2012 these are evergreen. Thanks for sharing.
  4. logoonlinepros

    logoonlinepros New Member Webmaster

    It same as wen can use it on previous year.. Please share some unique and fresh tricks and tips here.
  5. addyj672

    addyj672 New Member Webmaster

    These are nice SEO tips which you compiled and i must say these can make the difference in getting good ranking on search engine. Now search engine is much concern about the on-page contents then before and give good ranking against this factor. If your website have quality contents.
  6. jacksamwhite

    jacksamwhite New Member Webmaster

    You have given really a great task list to do for well ranking in 2012. I just want to add one more thing in the list and that is social media exposure. Share your website on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It will generate some more traffic towrds your webpages and this traffic helps you in making greater authority.
  7. bbrian017

    bbrian017 New Member Webmaster

    I'm glad you all enjoyed them!
  8. hwarden

    hwarden New Member Webmaster

    What surprises me is the obsessive use of words like 'new strategy for 2012' etc. Yes I do agree a lot has changed in the recent years, but not so radical as some make it sound.

    A decade ago, links were important, now you say bookmarks and social sharing etc.
    Content was the king back then, so it is now.
    Niche focus and specialisation is again something which will not change for a long time.

    I don't know if any one of you would find some truth in it, but that's just my personal view.
  9. Margaret Evans

    Margaret Evans New Member Webmaster

    These tips are cool. But I think they were the same as the tips or strategies we ave been using since before. We just need to implement it even better. Anyway, thanks for this post anyway. This is a help for us to remember our previous work.

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