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Discussion in 'Site News & Job Hiring' started by Mr.Panos, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Mr.Panos

    Mr.Panos New Member Webmaster


    Forum Name: fmSupport
    Positions Available: Community Team Leader ( possibly ), Community Team Members ( x2 ), Package Team Leader, Package Team Members ( x2 ), Review Team Members ( x2 ), [strike]Support Team Leader[/strike], Support Team Members ( x2 ), Graphics Team Leader, Graphics Team Members ( x2 )
    Link to forum: www.fmsupport.net

    Information for hiring reviewers can be found here.
    Information for hiring Support Team Members can be found here.

    Community Team's duties:
    Community Team is in charge of banning, warning or sending reminders to members who break the rules. Also, they are the common Global Moderators. The team leader is in charge of hiring or firing CTMs. He should follow the duties of Community Team too.

    Support Team's duties:
    Support Team Members are persons who are experienced in various languages of coding and can lend a large hand to the community with their vast coding knowledge. The Team Leader of this team is in charge of hiring STMs. He is supposed to help his team members with the common duties of the team.

    Package Team's duties:
    Package Team is responsible for completing packages ( posts and topics ) for other forums. The Package Team Leader should hire or fire PTMs and create some guidelines. He is also completing packages if it's needed.

    Review Team's duties:
    Review Team Members are staff members who can help you improve your forum. They will inform you about the disadvantages and the advantages of the forum in order you to fix them.

    Graphics Team's duties:
    Our Graphic Designers create images for our members. Logos, ranks, buttons, banners, warning bars and others. The Team Leader is responsible for the design of fmSupport and he is hiring and firing Graphics Team Members.

    If you want to become staff member, just send me a PM or reply here. It's important to inform me about your past experiences.

    I am waiting for your messages,

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