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For Sale: Bid For A Link (Bid For Position Web Directory)

Discussion in 'SEO' started by deanna, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. deanna

    deanna New Member Webmaster

    I'm selling BidForALink.com due to a lack of time. Its average monthly statistics (as of December '08) are over 280 unique visitors with over 2,800 page views. The domain name and hosting is good through July '09. I will consider all reasonable offers and will accept a money order (USPS), Google Checkout, Revolution MoneyExchange and an Amazon.com gift card as payment.

    Deanna McClellan
  2. George1985

    George1985 New Member Webmaster

    Hi Deanna McClellan,

    do you any any mroe information on the sales that the directory makes and what % of the total unique visitors are from the UK.

  3. highlander

    highlander New Member Webmaster

    I don't know what reasonable offers you're expecting for this, but I could do better from scratch, from nothing rather than pay for what is an empty directory.

    1. The domain is awful, noone will type that in or remember it
    2. It's empty and I mean empty - it has no value
    3. Design is a $50 php script anybody can get

    This stands out = Be the first to list a link here - that alone says it has no sites, no sites means nothing to search/no content/no value and you want to be paid for this. Look, anyone could build something better for under £500.

    I don't think you have a clue what you're doing. I advise you keep it, think of a good domain, build it up, increase your fees to £10 a listing one off fee to get it filled and sell it in a couple of years time. You'll get much more money and make some along the way before selling.

    At this time your site has no value.
  4. forum

    forum New Member Webmaster

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