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Forums signatures advert how effective?

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by temi, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Apparently, forum signatures at DP is going for as much as $40 per month. There are also loads of forum signature exchange and avatar exchange. I am very sceptical about this form or advertisement, has any one here find it to be and effective advertisement medium?
  2. inactive_jumpenjuhosaphat

    inactive_jumpenjuhosaphat Facilitator Webmaster

    I think it can be if you are advertising something that is relative to the forum. If what you are after is PR, then it can be extremely effective. It's like getting listings in hundreds or thousands of low PR directories when PR is what you are after.

    I use forum signatures at a competitive Lost forum, and it's effective in 2 ways. One, it brings me new active members, and two, it gives me relevant back links.
  3. maxseo

    maxseo Guest

    DP can get very busy, 40$ a month is a bit high, but I have a feeling that's where some people make a living from. They have like 10,000 posts

    The only problem I would see that this people place posts in all categories, relevant or not to your sig link. Suddenly Google would see 10,000 links. Seems like you bought yourself a sitewide link on DP

    What I prefer to do is choose links for signature and become more and more active and never change my signature. Looks more naturale
  4. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    I have been offered a LOT more than $40 a month for a sig link at Dp, and a HELL of a lot more than that for an avatar image.

    I said no :)

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