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Four tips to get success in NEWSLETTER marketing campaign

Discussion in 'Email' started by rakib, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. rakib

    rakib New Member Webmaster

    Here are four major tips that you must think when you plan, organize and implement your newsletter campaign.

    Find & Fix your target audience

    One of the most important points is to find out and fix your target market. Most of the marketers do not think about it. Quite often marketers believe that their product or service is needed or wanted by everyone. That is rarely the case. Fixing your target market will ensure that your newsletter campaign is focused and will result in an effective and profitable in shortest time period. Without fixing the market, if you send the newsletters to all, it will not bring much benefits to you, may be it will lead to generate fewer sales. In this time, you will lose your credentials among the buyer. To get the maximize your benefits at first find and fix up your target market.

    Avoiding Spamming

    Spamming is a big problem on web. Everyone is seriously trying to prevent it at any cost. So, do not collect/harvest/send email bulky. First of all, make sure that the people that you are sending your promotional materials to asked to be on your list and want the material that you are sending.
    Make sure that your email/newsletter must have some useful and worthy resources, not just sales letters. Otherwise, no one will entertain your newsletter, may be they will delete the newsletter without opening. You must keep in your mind, that the core objective to send the newsletter is to get your newsletter delivered and opened by the viewers.

    Follow Up

    People rarely accept your offer first time. They need more information regarding your service/product you offered. They mostly send query to you for the further details for the products. You need to reply them properly. Try to avoid auto responder system; but, you can make a useful documentation for your service/products, so that you can easily send it to your potential customers. Also, get the address and telephone number of each prospect. Send a printed newsletter (if available) or pick up the phone.
    Lacking of proper follow up you may lose your potential customers.

    Having Sufficient Inventory

    This is one of the core thinking for a marketer to keep the total inventory in his mind. Before start your marketing through newsletter make sure about your sufficient inventory or sales management. So, before start your activities must have more than enough capabilities to handle the influx of new customers. If you are not prepared, then your potentials customers will go to your competitors.

    The next time you are planning an newsletter campaign, remember these four tips. Make sure that you make avoiding them a major part of your strategy.
  2. UK WW ex member

    UK WW ex member New Member Webmaster

    and there should have something in the newsletter that is new to the subscriber and the info must be helpful for them, must add to their knowlodge , give some guildelines, industry news, wasy to solve their problems.

    Hence there needs a constant research on subscribers needs as well as to find solutions to them

    And also one should not be salesy

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