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Free Adwords Tutorial

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by forumer147, May 21, 2008.

  1. forumer147

    forumer147 New Member Webmaster

    You should really visit this site it is really helpful , if your new in adwords then this one is for you absolutely FREE!!!

    Ensure Your Quality Score Remains GREAT With EVERY Campaign You Run.

    Achieve $0.02 Minimum Bids For EVERY SINGLE Keyword You Include.

    Avoid Having Your Keywords Made "Inactive"

    Achieve Top Ad Positions Whilst Paying LESS Than Your Competitors.

    Generate A High Click Through Ratio.

    Convert A Higher Percentage Of Visitors Into Sales.

    Extract MAXIMUM VALUE From Every Visitor That Clicks On Your Ads.

    Finally Stop Losing Money On Adwords And Skyrocket Your Conversions.

    This really is the biggest no brainer deal you are ever likely to see. If you are struggling with Adwords or even if you are doing well with it, I can guarantee you will learn something new here

    - Adwords Excellence -
  2. hyzjb

    hyzjb New Member Webmaster

    thanks man,ill check it
  3. orkut magic

    orkut magic New Member Webmaster

    m interested in this

    plz pm me

    anxioulsy waiting
  4. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    Why do you need peoples paypal details to jon a free area? sounds and looks a little dodgy to me :(

    Ironic that you run a site to 'out scammers' :D
  5. Merras

    Merras New Member Webmaster

    Nothing interesting at the site. I gave a fake paypal e-mail address.
  6. widgetuk

    widgetuk New Member Webmaster

    How annoying. I'm soon to get my first ecommerce enabled site live, and as soon as it's finished (which is taking longer than i anticipated, but, thanks to Bagi on the Boss Cart team, is getting there) I'll be turning my attention to how to promote it. So I thought this geeza was giving some genuine advice to newbie people into this complex field! Ah well. If anyone has any decent URL's or quick top 10 list of how to best promote a new site (eg. top google listing, or whatever else) then we might aswell turn this thread into something USEFUL, and point me, and whoever else falls for the title of this post, to somewhere decent for the genuine forum members here.
    Cheers Jon.

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