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Free mobile internet...

Discussion in 'Mobile and Applications' started by melkior, May 12, 2007.

  1. melkior

    melkior Guest

    ...or close enough.

    I'm actually on the road while I'm writing this. I had to travel for some reason.

    But as you see I'm online. Well there are solutions like Vodafone Mobile Connect and stuff but I'm not using it.
    Let's mystify this a little bit more. If you could check my IP you'd see that I have the same IP as always.
    So how did I pull that off?

    Well, you'll need 2 mobile phones, 2 computers (one of them should be a laptop) and you'll need a mobile service provider which allows you free calls to your friends' numbers.

    I've got two mobile phones. One of them is on subscription and the other one is pre-paid. My mobile provider allows me to register 3 numbers and call them for free. So I set up my pre-paid mobile as a free call.
    I conected the pre-paid phone with my computer at home and set it up as dial in modem. I also set up the mobile phone to only accept calls from my subscription phone.

    My home computer was set up to bridge all of the incoming connections (from the pre-paid phone) to my broadband cable connection.

    Once that was set up, I took my laptop and my subscription phone with me.
    I connected them via Bluetooth and used my mobile phone as a modem and the dial up connection number was the number of the pre-paid phone.
    As soon as I connected I had Internet access, and the call was free. :D

    It's not fast or anything, but it's free and it works. So I thought I'd share it with you guys here.

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