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Free & Paid DigiChat Hosting (Secure)

Discussion in 'Services' started by JJDC, May 1, 2010.

  1. JJDC

    JJDC New Member Webmaster

    What do we provide :
    DigiChats/Java Based Chat

    A little about our DigiChats :
    DigiChat is Java-based client/server chat system which has been designed specifically for integration with your existing web presence. As a Web Developer, Internet Provider, or Corporate/Educational Webmaster, you will benefit from DigiChat because it is a turn-key solution, and does not require that your visitors download special chat software to interact in your chat rooms.

    DigiChats Features:

    - No installation required
    - 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee
    - Full control over your chat
    - Kicking/Banning the ip/host of unwanted users
    - Unlimited users Avatars within the chat
    - Sounds within the chat [Removable if unwanted]
    - Ability to maintain a profile
    - Private Messaging Supported
    - Ability to create unlimited Moderators Accounts
    - God account [ChatMaster] is undeletable
    - Unlimited Advertisments [Messages that appears on a time that you set i.e every 4 minuets]
    - Unlimited Users/Chatters
    - Customizable Theme within your DigiChat or Multiple Themes, I.e [Red Chat/Blue Chat Etc]
    - Fixed Banner or Multiple banners at the top of your chat [If wanted]
    - Colors are also one of the features, i.e [Users color, Moderators Color ‘Nickname Wise’]
    - Invisible option, [Ability to login to your chat without being seen by others], note : Other moderators that you give the invisible option to will be able to see you.
    + Much more.

    Free DigiChat Hosting

    30 users (At one time)
    Unlimited user icons/banners/emotes
    Full control (ChatMaster account)
    Limited Support (Ask for for more information)
    A ad will appear in your chat room every 15min on DigiCast (You can decide what can/can't be advertised in your chat room)
    No annoying admins (only on request) - Support -
    To get *Free DigiChat* please e mail me on joe@hostdenbigh.net

    Paid DigiChat Hosting

    Unlimited users
    Unlimited user icons/banners/emotes
    Full control (ChatMaster account - I can also give your chatmaster account guest speaker on request what makes it appear RED in the chat room)
    Full support 24/7 by e-mail/phone
    No ads (Unless you add your own)
    No annoying admins (only on request) -Support -

    Only $7.50 / £4.50 a month (We accept Paypal please e mail me on joe@hostdenbigh.net)

    *All paid chats will be set up within three hours*

    (All DigiChats are hosted on a fast reliable 24/7 server dedicated to just DigiChat and the FTP linked with chats)

    Basic Chat Examples

  2. clide&web

    clide&web New Member Webmaster

    Hello, sorry if I this question sounds not good and out of ignorance. Since I am just new to webhosting, etc. and managing blog. Is this okay to be installed in a wordpress blog? Thank you.
  3. JJDC

    JJDC New Member Webmaster

    Sure is :)

    It can be easily coded into anything of course in the unlikely event that you get stuck we would give you a hand!
  4. JJDC

    JJDC New Member Webmaster


    Still running this service :) however contact e-mail is now name_goes_here@hotmail.co.uk and we no longer host any free services you can find a example of our DigiChat hosting@ Blue Front

    Hosting is now £5.00 a month with all above features let me know if interested!

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