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Free PR5 link - no recip needed - and affiliate program

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by BungeeBones, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. BungeeBones

    BungeeBones New Member Webmaster

    PR 5 site - Free link - no recip needed - and affiliate program

    I am offering free links and an affiliate program in my directory and I was wondering what other directory webmasters thought of this offer:
    Add your website/directory to Bungeebones.com (FREE!) and save the ID/ affiliate number it displays when you do
    Then if you

    1) add my link to your web directory
    2) add your ID number* to the end of the BungeeBones.com url(http://BungeeBones.com/your_ID_number_here)

    then you will be a BungeeBones affiliate and will receive a 10% commission on any paid links sold from your site for the entire time they are a paid link.
    I am thinking that since my link will be in your directory anyway (hopefully), this will provide at least a little bit of income for you from something that would have provided absolutely nothing otherwise.

    * you get your ID number when you add your link on the BungeeBones.com website
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  2. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    How do I get PR5 link?

    Please show me the page where my link will show up (for general bidding directory).

    From what I see only home page is PR5 and some blog pages have PR2 or PR3.

    Rest of the pages have no PR at all...

    I will add your link with all the perks to both of my bidding directories for free if you can get one of mine on PR5 page...
  3. deluxdon

    deluxdon New Member Webmaster

    Same question here that can you show me where I get PR5 link :confused:

  4. BungeeBones

    BungeeBones New Member Webmaster

    I guess I mis-worded that and I corrected it. Sorry!

    I am just trying out this offer and appreciate your feedback.

    As I am submitting my directory already to a lot of other directories and make the same offer when I do I thought I would try this approach.

    When I submit my link it is a little easier for that webmaster than what I am suggesting here, but one advantage I offer though is that as new subscription directories are added to BungeeBones their link will be added to those new directories automatically. As many subscription directories are added thats how many links they will get. They are giving just one to BungeeBones and possibly receiving payment to boot

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