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Free Torrent Search Engine Script

Discussion in 'Design and Development' started by tmo, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. tmo

    tmo New Member Webmaster

    Free Torrent Search Engine Script

    Order your FREE script today and launch your Torrent Search Engine website within minutes.

    What is Torrent Script?
    X10 TorrentScript is a regular search engine, users fill in a keyword and get access to 5 000 000 files for search.

    Your users have the choice between:
    • Latest Movies torrents
    • Latest TV shows torrents
    • Latest Music torrents
    • Latest Games torrents
    All the users have to do is choose want they want from that huge list.

    Administration can’t be more simple. There is no administration! Everything is automated. So, this phpscript is for an expert or a novice webmaster.

    And it gets better! The code is open so you can add as many advertisements that you need.

    All that for FREE!

    Full Specs: Torrent Script

    Demo Site: x10torrent.com

    Need a good place to host it? x10hosting.com

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