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FTP Layer ..

Discussion in 'Programming' started by 4SEO, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. 4SEO

    4SEO New Member Webmaster

    FTP Layer causes a lot of problems for a lot of people...

    Remember the FTP Layer is applicable to Linux Server Users only and NOT Windows Users

    Do not try enabling FTP Layer during installation if you experience any problems with it. It can be configured AFTER installation is complete by editing the configuration.php directly or via the Global Configuration in the Administrator Control Panel.

    In my own situation these are the settings that worked (I happen to be on a 1&1 Business Package for this account)
    var $ftp_enable = '1';
    var $ftp_host = 'ftp.mydomainname.org';
    var $ftp_port = '21';
    var $ftp_user = 'a12345678';
    var $ftp_pass = 'ABCDEfgaa.';
    var $ftp_root = '/joomla_root';

    ftp_port is nearly always 21 unless the host has changed this they will have notified you of this. Secure FTP generally uses port 22.

    ftp_user In most cases, this is the specific user name your host has set up for you to access your Web site via FTP- It is the name you use in your FTP client.This could be an alphanumeric as in my example case, it could be your name, even your e-mail address, If you don't know this speak to your host. You may have the facility on your Web account to set up additional FTP users if that is the case (and it's more secure tbh) you are recommended to do this

    ftp_pass this is the password you enter in your FTP client.

    thx ...

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