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Fuzioned webhosts

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by Davidr, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Davidr

    Davidr New Member Webmaster

    Spotted my webhost has no review here so I will add a quick one.

    Ive been with Fuzioned.com for the last year and I think I'll be staying with them for the long term. Not only is there support great but they treat people like people rather than just another support ticket number.

    I have a reseller account with them where I host email accounts for my whole family along with a few sites that I run. I find there prices to be excellent and cheap and they certainly do not reflect the level of support that the admins offer. I was told when I was leaving Fasthosts that I would only get what I paid for in webhosting but these guys have proved that wrong. They have an active forum and always put any problems or issues they have on there forums for all to see, very transparrent and honest. Im not sure about the other packages but I do know my reseller account im on is good value for money compaired to many other hosts.

    I will get one of there admins or mods to post a full spec list of what they offer on here.

    Well worth looking at if your after a new host.

    ( Back to work ) :(

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