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Genius web designer wanted for unique JV

Discussion in 'Design and Development' started by davejug1, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. davejug1

    davejug1 New Member Webmaster

    Namaste chaps.

    I am an internet marketer of 20 years experience and I have a unique business plan that I am about to bring into being.

    While part of what I do is web design, I am by no means an expert and often outsource the tricky stuff because it's a better time/cost ratio. I have thought about outsourcing this particular project but I need someone with a much more hands-on role that can be there to make on-the-fly alterations and upgrades to increase profit.

    I have mentioned that this is a unique proposition and it really is, plus there is a massive demand for this project but thusfar, nobody has found a way to properly and effectively monetize the idea. This is exactly what I have done. I have a habit of wringing every last drop of profit out of a project, by either thinking out of the box or by split-testing on a minute proportion. The out-of-the-box thinking has helped develop the plan, the split testing and professional marketing campaign will in future, ensure the maximum profit potential.

    So I need a web designer who can create a bespoke system from scratch, with a look and feel of pure imagination, but someone who also has an eye for security vulnerabilities.

    The site itself will be user based, with profiles and images as well as a messaging system (not necessarily an IM system).

    As a joint venture, this should be done on a 50/50 basis with a proportion of the profits funding further expansion.

    Applicants need to be over 18 (due to the adult nature of the site) and ideally (but not necessarily) be based in the UK for tax reporting purposes.

    Get in touch for further information.


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