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George it is!

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by smoothmarketer, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. smoothmarketer

    smoothmarketer New Member Webmaster

    I know most of us pretend that we are not interested in the British royals and yet we follow all the news about them. I am one of their fans and I'm glad they've finally named the baby boy. I'm suprised it took so long because I always assumed that their names were planned before the birth. Well, George is here and he pushes his uncle down the succession line. I wonder how Harry feels about this!
  2. Rube

    Rube New Member Webmaster

    I'm not all that interested in the new Prince, but when I heard that the new royal baby was a boy, I guessed that he would be called George. It was the name used by the Queen's father when he became king and when Prince Charles becomes king he might become King George VII, because it is one of his given names. (King Charles would have bad historical associations.)
  3. cefmac

    cefmac New Member Webmaster

    Obviously it has a strong historic connection and is a traditional royal name, but I just can't imagine a child suiting the name George. One of his middle names is Alexander, and I think it would be more child-appropriate if the two were switched around - "Alexander George Louis". Just my two cents though!
  4. Oakster

    Oakster New Member Webmaster


    It's clearly a homage to Jason ALEXANDER's character GEORGE Costanza on Seinfeld :)
    Seriously though, the problem with Alexander is that most people might shorten it to Alex and that's just not... "royal"
    You don't really picture a King Alex do you? Now King George, that sounds right!
  5. jaydepp

    jaydepp New Member Webmaster

    Personally here in America, I couldn't care less.
  6. TheDerpMan

    TheDerpMan New Member Webmaster

    I agree. I'm not sure why everybody I've seen is so interested in the royal baby. Sure, the idea of kings and queens is enchanting for some people, but making such a big deal and hyping the royal baby up so much makes my head hurt because there are so many other issues that could be discussed.
  7. RomanAnthonysMama

    RomanAnthonysMama New Member Webmaster

    I am happy for them as someone who is just being happy for a normal couple that has been blessed with a child. However, I don't get why the royals receive so much attention for everyday things. I always catch up on celebrity news during my workouts, and I was so frustrated that everywhere I looked, I saw news of the royal baby. Don't even get me started on how frustrating it was when they had the wedding!
  8. jaydepp

    jaydepp New Member Webmaster


    I haven't heard much about it, to be honest, thankfully.
  9. caparica007

    caparica007 New Member Webmaster

    I'm not a monarchy fan and I haven't paid it much attention. But the Brits got crazy with the Royal Family and the baby, betting on which name he would have, walking miles just to be at the door of the building where he is...

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