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Get listed in DMOZ with Ease

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by RiverWire, May 25, 2009.

  1. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    A little guide i put together for Dmoz Submissions , sorry about the spelling and grammar , im terrible at writting...............seems funny really since i spend most of my time doing it lol .

    Anyway here it is :

    DMOZ Submission Guide
  2. Anonymously

    Anonymously New Member Webmaster

    What nonsense.

    Best tips by senior DMOZ editor

    1. DMOZ is not a listing service, editors are not obliged to look at the suggestions pool of sites when building categories.
    2. Style of site, like pleasing to the eye or well built, flash count for absolutely nothing to a DMOZ editor. Only thing that counts is being rich in unique content.
    3. Make sure, by reading the guidelines on site, that you are not offering a site that we do not accept.
    4. Only submit ONCE. I editors do work through the suggestions pool and work in date order then your resubmitted site overwrites the old one and shows a later date submitted. Also submitting several times or to several categories can get your site banned as spam.
    5. Sometimes an editor looking at updates and sites giving 404's might just glance into the submissions pool. If that happens you need to stand out. Aite that is obviously wrongly titled or a description which is stuffed with keywords and hype will not get a second glance. Check the guidelines, look at the descriptions on the other sites listed in that category and make yours like it. Does not have to be perfect, but a good try will attract attention.
    6. Make sure that you submit to the correct category, do not try to get up higher, the site will be moved when it is reviewed and after waiting for a review it will simply go into the suggestions pool of the new category, hence delay. So think very carefully about the category you submit to.

    After all that how long will it take to get a review with the possibilty of a listing. Well how long is a piece of string? Nobody can tell you. DMOZ editors are volunteers and they decide where, within the categories they can work, where they work, when they work, how much they work and if they use the submissions pool or use their own resources. We build categories for end users, we are not there to get any site listed, to boost PR, just to provide unique content sites, categories for the end user.

    And just to add any site that is listable is never rejected it just waits in the suggestions pool until and editor reviews it, that's why you only need to submit once. Sorry we also don't tell you if you are accepted or rejected.

    Best motto is submit and forget, go and promote your site somewhere else, you have done all you can at DMOZ if you follow the above and look at our guidelines.

    DMOZ editor but my opinions are my own and do not represent the directory or staff.
  3. moinseo

    moinseo New Member Webmaster

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