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getting links in forums

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by OldDarkstarAccount, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. OldDarkstarAccount

    OldDarkstarAccount Senior Member Webmaster

    Well, getting links in forums is easy, but it requires some time. There are many kind of forums : SEO forums, Webmaster Forums , Advertising forums etc...
    For the majority of the forums there is one sure method : website reviews / website critique area. You can post your site for review and you got yourself with one link.Now the problem may be that some forums require a certain number of post in order to allow you post in this area. Usually it`s 5 or 10 , but sometimes it could even get to 25.

    The second way you can get a forum link is on advertisement forums where you can simply find a good category an post your link under a certain forum : as a service, as a product , as your personal site , as a site of web resources or SEO and marketing tools , you name it...

    The third way is good for directory owners - you can post your site under 'solicitations and announcement' in 'directories' or 'seo' sections of the forum.

    These are 3 way to promote your site on a forum. If anyone knows another way ( maybe better) , please post it there so that we all can learn something.

  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    Hey Darkstar,
    This is your first lengthy article/post, well done, you can develop this to a full article :)
  3. Duke

    Duke Guest

    Personally, I prefer direct links in my footers of the forums, as seen here (please keep in mind it's a work in progress):


    Now that my forums are climbing the PR charts, I'll likely add them to a comprehensive ad purchasing program that I'm designing for my sites. I've had enough of adsense wasting space and possible revenue as well so I'll likely sell the space in the header of the forums as well.
  4. stanneon

    stanneon New Member Webmaster

    I suggest going to relevant forums will give your backlinks much more value...
  5. Arleigh

    Arleigh New Member Webmaster

    Aside from those ways mentioned above, you can also get backlinks in forums by just participating answering other member's question. For good results, you can participate interacting on sticky threads or on those threads that have been replied by many members...
  6. karmadir

    karmadir New Member Webmaster

    Not too much business

    All you have said is true, but do not expect too much business from Seo forums, they are beneficial for increasing traffic and backlink for a website.

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