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Global net censorship 'growing'

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by gkd_uk, May 18, 2007.

  1. gkd_uk

    gkd_uk Guest

    The level of state-led censorship of the net is growing around the world, a study of so-called internet filtering by the Open Net Initiative suggests.
    The study of thousands of websites across 120 Internet Service Providers found 25 of 41 countries surveyed showed evidence of content filtering.

    Websites and services such as Skype and Google Maps were blocked, it said.

    Such "state-mandated net filtering" was only being carried out in "a couple" of states in 2002, one researcher said.

    "In five years we have gone from a couple of states doing state-mandated net filtering to 25," said John Palfrey, at Harvard Law School.

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  2. nkoumartzis

    nkoumartzis New Member Webmaster

    Censorship in UK: A Survey for a Postgraduate Research.

    Dear members/ webmasters,

    I know that this post may sound a little bit irrelevant with the thread, but censorship in UK is a rapidly increasing phenomenon. For this reason I am conducting a research as a part of my dissertation at London College of Communication (MA Publishing, University of the Arts London). My background is at Computer Science (I have already a 4years degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), and I strongly believe that it will be a great asset for my research if more webmasters and web-related people take part in my survey.

    My research is for the Cleanfeed software (content filtering program) that is in use by UK government and BT in UK, trying to censor child abuse websites via UK providers.
    I have uploaded a survey, which is a crucial part of my research. Please spare 4-5 minutes from your time for the sake of UK citizens or your beloved Queen or just because you know (or you don't) that you are censored and you want to do something about it!

    Every response in the survey from you, your friends, colleagues, family or anyone may interested in the fact that he/ she is censored will be extremely appreciated.

    Nikolaos Koumartzis.

    In order to take the survey please click on my "personal website" link of my account profile. Thanks in advance...

    P.S. In case I have opened the thread in a wrong category, moderators please accept my apologies. I am a moderator too for many years in such forums, so take every action that you think is the best for the forum.
  3. streetslocal

    streetslocal New Member Webmaster

    It could be worse we could be in china:yawn:

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