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Gone with the wind vs titanic

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by deltamas, May 10, 2010.

  1. deltamas

    deltamas New Member Webmaster

    hmm I want to give a interesting question here
    which the best movie between titanic and gone with the wind based popularity and income??
  2. soloads

    soloads New Member Webmaster

    Well, I personally think it is a matter of preference. Titanic for example held the box office record for the most money made while it was in theaters until AVATAR came out (both by the same Director James Cameron). But you have to remember that around the time Gone with the Wind was released in 1939 movie going rates were much lower (although that is relevant to production cost). YET it is still considered as the movie that has sold the MOST movie tickets in history. SO comparatively speaking, more people went to see it at the theaters.

    Gone with the Wind is an eternal American Epic Drama, based on the Civil War and how it was seen from the perspective of a deep south family. It has one of the most iconic figures of Hollywood, Clark Gable, who starred along Vivien Leigh. It is considered to be one of the BEST films of all times. It received TEN Oscars (Academy Awards).

    Titanic is based on a true story, from the perspective of a young couple who falls in love (the story of Rose and Jack is FICTION). It received eleven of the 14 Oscars it was up for. For twelve years it held the record for the highest grossing film ever, although in the beginning many doubted its success.

    Now, comparatively speaking... BOTH had engaging stories, phenomenal acting but you can not compare the effects of 1939 to 1997.

    I guess what you CAN compare is that Clark Gable was the bigger star at the time the movie came out, same as in Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio was the male movie star of the 90s, although Kate Winslet later made a lot of big movie roles an earned herself quite a few Oscar nominations.

    Gone with the wind is also used in classrooms during Civil War classes, as it is a American Epic. Whereas Titanic is a story that is known worldwide.
  3. brownnataly21

    brownnataly21 New Member Webmaster

    I think we can't compare them because they were made in different time and the values were different at that time.Of course The Titanic is the best and the most profitable.
  4. clide&web

    clide&web New Member Webmaster

    The most profitable and that movie has an :wheelchair: lady that acted as Rose, Titanic. That's it.
  5. Dorothea01

    Dorothea01 New Member Webmaster

    :sweatdrop:Nothing comparable, are two different movies:baloon:

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