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Google Ads!

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by eagle09, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. eagle09

    eagle09 New Member Webmaster

    Hi Guys!

    In my previous post i mentioned that with the key words "best time management" and "time management for students" my site is on first page of google but i am getting no traffic increase.

    I got so helpful replies now my question is that will it be helpful if i pay google for publishing my ads on different sites? and if yes how much will it cost to me?

    Waiting for flooding remarks!

  2. mary56

    mary56 Resource Representative Resource Rep Webmaster

    i think you can waste a lot of money... as for me i never click on google ads. Many people that click on your ad do it accidentally, with no concrete purpose and you will lose money.. I am promoting my websites for free, it takes long time, but i see the results already in google analytics, the traffic is increasing...
  3. digital-signage

    digital-signage New Member Webmaster

    Google ads are only for sites that cant wait for their site to show up on page one and to boost G's profits-in my opinion.

    Have you thought of facebook ads - here you can target specific demographics such as students and I think it is more cost effective. ;)
  4. Conran

    Conran New Member Webmaster

    I keep hearing about using FB to advertise. Would they allow an adult orientated site like mine?
    It's not like I'd be adding anything offensive, but the shop does obviously contain an adult theme.
    How would ad's be limited and controlled to show for an adult male target audience?
  5. digital-signage

    digital-signage New Member Webmaster

    Conran, you will have to check facebook terms and conditions but I guess you will not, you could however create a group and invite people to it, THEN market to them.
  6. Mars Guitars

    Mars Guitars New Member Webmaster

    Are your Google snippets meaningful? (i.e. the short bit of text that G shows under the link). This is important for click-through... you can be top of page one of SERPS and still not get traffic if you don't show people that your site is relevant to them.
  7. australiaseo

    australiaseo New Member Webmaster

    Concentrate on the Customers Keywords!!

    When you are not getting traffic to the above terms, it does means that your targets are on wrong keywords! Selecting targeted keywords and ranking to those terms is the toughest and job in SEO! So, I would suggest to concentrate on the keywords which your customers would type in to get the info you provide!!
  8. webmax ltd

    webmax ltd New Member Webmaster

    Actually Facebook Ads are quite crap compared to Google Adwords. You guys have to understand that Google is the biggest platform of advertising on the internet. If your loosing money on Google Adwords and not making profit, then you simply haven't optimized Adwords properly. By default Adwords is designed to eat your money as fast as it can. I spend over £6000 a month on Adwords alone and it's the best ROI (return on investment) for me. Contact me if you need help with Adwords as it's the only thing I specialise in.

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