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Google denies staff 'brain drain'

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by gkd_uk, May 8, 2008.

  1. gkd_uk

    gkd_uk Moderator Moderator Webmaster

    Google has denied there is a brain drain of talent at the firm following the departure of its communications boss to social network Facebook.

    Elliot Schrage's departure as head of global communications and public affairs is the latest in a string of senior Google staff to have quit.

    Google spokesman Matt Furman said: "Elliot was a valued member of the Google team and we wish him well."

    He added: "We have a deep management pool at Google."

    The Mountain View company says it gets 1,300 resumes every day. That adds up to nearly a half a million a year from people who want to come and work at the Googleplex HQ, famed for its free gourmet lunches and on site massages.

    Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg clearly sees its latest recruit as something of a coup, telling staff in an email: "Hey everyone. I am writing to you from India to share the really good news that Elliot Schrage will be joining our management team."

    "This is a really important role for us and one that we've been trying to find the right person for a while."

    "Elliot's role will be critical to helping us scale based on our culture that values transparency, openness and honest internal communications."

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  2. DirectoryMan

    DirectoryMan New Member Webmaster

    I have often wondered how they can keep a lid on all their secrets because of the thousands of employees they have.
  3. DirectoryMan

    DirectoryMan New Member Webmaster

    I have had sales people sign them but they are almost impossible to enforce without taking a big hit to your reputation and your wallet.

    It is not the full algo as such but bits and pieces and knowing how the organization functions. I can see a large SEO company doing better with a person like that in the back room.

    From what I can tell, they seem to keep the top people with high pay and good treatment.

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