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Google Organic slump?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Conran, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Conran

    Conran New Member Webmaster

    Hey guys. I have a problem that is really worrying me at the moment.

    I have a very young site, did all the usual stuff...
    Submitted to Search engines
    Set up Webmaster Tools with Google
    Uploaded stock info to Merchant
    Tried AdWords with almost ZERO benefit
    Built a few relevant links in
    Swapped a few links

    Now, as I'm new, Google was only sending me sporadic numbers. But it was going from 1 to 50. I have a feeling many of these were from ppc (even though I've linked my ppc to Analytics?)
    The data never seems right. The numbers AdWords says it's sent me never match Analytics.

    My problem is now this:
    I stopped my AdWords account because, as far as I can tell, this is money into a hole. I've done everything right, including negative keywords, five or six keywords for each ad, tested different bidding limits, changed my daily budget... It's just far too expensive for the ROI.

    Now, my stats from Google Organic have slumped to literally 1 (yesterday).

    I've optimized my site for specific keywords until my fingers bled, and Webmaster Tools still shows these keywords as listed far down. Even though it states that the info was gathered yesterday!

    I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Google. Some things I admire them for, and others I really cant stand. The main point of contention is how little they do to support competition. It seems designed to promote and support wealthy businesses, while limiting the start-up's and putting every obstacle in their way.

    So what is going on? Is Google punishing me for not using AdWords anymore?
    What can I do about it other than pay the "cartel" their protection money? (seriously, that's how I'm starting to view them!)

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. :punk:
  2. Eagle

    Eagle New Member Webmaster

    People are finally starting to realise.
  3. Conran

    Conran New Member Webmaster

    I'm always extremely cynical of big business. But maybe that's simply because I understand its nature.

    I'm still monitoring my stats, but nothing has improved. Either suddenly everyone stopped searching for adult products simultaneously in the UK, or Google is limiting access to my site.

    If that's the case, I wish they would explain the reason. :censored:
  4. sequencehosting

    sequencehosting New Member Webmaster

    You have to remember the bigger businesses will have a team dedicated to PPC. I wouldn't say Google makes it hard on small businesses but rather big businesses make it hard on small businesses because they have the resources to do so.

  5. Blogington

    Blogington New Member Webmaster

    Quoted for truth.


    The same also goes for organic search results. Big businesses tend to have teams of people or/and highly paid SEOers who's job it is to help them dominate the search engines. The small guys can still win, but if your in a highly competitive market with loads of long established big businesses. Things are going to very tough.

    Time to step up your game or find a different approach.

  6. A Niche SEO

    A Niche SEO New Member Webmaster

    I am a small business and I have not experienced any problems with Google. In fact Google seems to really like our SEO site. I have never seen big sites given favor over the little guy and all things are equal which they seldom are.
  7. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport New Member Webmaster

    I do very well out of Adwords. People go about it the wrong way. People seem to think more impressions=more visits. To some extent they do but usually also pushes up CTR.

    CTR is everything in Adwords. Google makes the following revenue from 100 impressions:

    Example Ad A) Bid = £1.00, CTR = 1% therefore 100 impression = £1 revenue for Google

    Example Ad B) Bid = £0.50, CTR = 5% therefore 100 impression = £2.50 revenue for Google

    Which ad will Google show in the highest position?
  8. Mars Guitars

    Mars Guitars New Member Webmaster

    Surely the MOST competitive field on the net - maybe it's as simple as that? Your competitors are spending a lot more time and effort than you... and maybe seeing you as a threat and trying to bury you?? This is more likely than G having a grudge against you!

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