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Google search; site image returned

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by quazimoto, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. quazimoto

    quazimoto New Member Webmaster


    Like a iPad and other mobile platforms that do not have the ability to "see" flash animations the search results for Google also do not. Like a iPhone the area of the flash animation will be blank, or show the background as if the area of the flash is empty. This is a problem for a client of mine. I am able to create a swap for the flash header for iStuff but how or what is the correct code or syntax to swap the header so that when a person searches on Google they get a swapped image for the site instead of a large blank spot for the header? I am talking about an area 950 px by 300 px so it is very dismal to the site owner.

    Yes, the owner of the site is determined to keep the flash header animation. The entire head is one big and long (in time) animation and it is too complex for gif, etc replacement. I tried this but got a massive file. Swapping is easy if I can get the right code for it.

    The image that I am referring to that Google returns is shown when you mouse over the arrow at the right side of each returned web site search result.


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