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Google Wants The Linux Desktop Too

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by ovi, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. ovi

    ovi Guest

    If ever the Terminator scenario comes true, it'll be Google's fault.

    After ensuring their presence on most web pages (their ads at least) and pushing for The-One-True-Google-Desktop with their windows desktop applications, Google is now going for the penguin. The company is working with CodeWeavers Inc to bring the Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux. The program is now in a limited beta test, and if successful you can expect other Google applications to follow.

    This will not be a proper port, though. CodeWeavers have been tasked with making sure Picasa runs perfectly with their own CrossOver Office middleware. This means that the application
    will still use Windows-native code but the free Linux Picasa download will include a runtime version of the modified Wine, so that Linux users can simply download the package from Google and run it on their desktops. There will be no need to install Wine or CrossOver Office.

    Another application to come to Linux is Google Talk. This time however, a native version of Google Talk for Linux is being worked on. Rumor has it that Google already has a beta running. Sean Egan, the lead developer of the popular cross-platform open source IM client GAIM, was hired by Google in October 2005. Gaim already supports the Jabber protocol used by Google Talk and it is conceivable that he is involved in this project.

    Source: news.softpedia.com/news/Google-Wants-The-Linux-Desktop-Too-18011.shtml

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