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Google Web Accelerator

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by ovi, May 11, 2005.

  1. ovi

    ovi Guest

    Google Web Accelerator is an application that uses the power of Google's global computer network to make web pages load faster. Google Web Accelerator is easy to use; all you have to do is download and install it, and from then on many web pages will automatically load faster than before.
    Please note that Google Web Accelerator is currently in beta test mode. If you have any problems using it or have suggestions for how we can improve it, please see the Google Group devoted to it.
    Also note that during the first part of our beta testing period, users outside of North America and Europe may not see much improvement in their web page loading speed.

    You can find the application here: webaccelerator.google.com

    I can't wait to hear your feedback.

    By the way, I have just find this: webaccelerator.google.com/webmasterhelp.html
    Hot to be indexed for webaccelerator use ;)

  2. KlaasKoopman

    KlaasKoopman Guest

    so you use it I assume? had any problems with it?
  3. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    It is the devil. IMO lol.

    This allows google to grab any information whatsoever from your pages, including any passwords etc that are typed in. Worse of all is that it also allows them to measure Overture click throught and gain data needed to steal competitors advertisers.

    I would not be surprsed to see some sort of anti trust case brought against Google for the use of it, to make sure that at least there is full and clear disclosure of the potential implications of use.
  4. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

    I remember a company named Marketscore (previously) Netsetter who offered a, "free" internet accelerator ;o}

    I can't believe Google is going down this road.
  5. Lanre

    Lanre Guest

    Thanks Guys,
    Over eager me thought that it will be of help since it is google. Thanks for the caution OWG.
  6. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy New Member Webmaster

    Google has now in the first half of this year revitalised two major no no's from the past. this being one (as Paul points out) and the second being 'autolink' in the toolbar that creates hyperlinks on pages where webmasters do not want them. Something that Microsoft was absolutely lambasted for when it brought it out a few years ago under the name 'smart tags'.
  7. Duke

    Duke Guest

    I don't trust any software that says it will accelerate my load times on websites. If they don't load reasonably fast on a cable connection then there's really no need to go back.
  8. ovi

    ovi Guest



    Did you try this software, unfortunatlly from Romania where I live I cannot acces :(

  9. Duke

    Duke Guest

    I have not tried googles web accelerator but I have tried similar programs and noticed no change to my browsing experience or download times. Of course this was a few years back when I knew very little about anything.
  10. lovely

    lovely Guest

    Thanks for the caution old Welsh Guy. I think it is important for one to know the implication of any free software before downloading it. Most of them do more army than good.

  11. TeamPlayer

    TeamPlayer New Member Webmaster

    lol, I tapped in the word `accelerator` and came up with this old thread.

    I didn`t realise the Google Accelerator had been around for so long, I only just saw it being advertised today on the Google Webmaster page.

    Anyway, hopefully any bugs have been ironed out by now, so I installed it. My little clock tells me that in the past half hour since using it I`ve save....39.4 seconds.

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