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Google wildcard

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Handsome, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Handsome

    Handsome New Member Webmaster

    A wildcard in a Google search query can be indicated by an asterisk (*), and will match one or more whole words.
    Example: A search for [ cooking * classes ] will return results for all of the following phrases (and more):
    "cooking school classes"
    "cooking and tasting classes"
    Onecommon use of the asterisk is to fill in the blanks for a query thatanswers a question: [ the parachute was invented by * ]. Also, you canuse more than one asterisk in a single search, such as [ vitamin * isgood for * ].
    Wildcard searches work for whole words or phrasesonly. Currently, Google doesn't support searches in which an asteriskindicates a fraction or extension of a word, for example, [ flower *classes ] won't match "flowerful classes."
    However, Google douse stemming technology — when appropriate, Google will search not onlyfor your search terms, but also for words that are similar to some orall of those terms, for example, if you search for [ pet lemur dietaryneeds ], Google will search for the term and also other relatedvariations of your terms.

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