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H1 Tag - Font size

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by mraurelios, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. mraurelios

    mraurelios New Member Webmaster

    I've been told that having an H1 tag is valuable for SEO purposes however are you dinged if you have an included CSS file that lowers the font size for an appearance standpoint? If there are negative dings, how serious is it?

  2. zbastian_19

    zbastian_19 New Member Webmaster

    H1 is just a small part of overall SEO factors.
  3. Frantic Fish

    Frantic Fish New Member Webmaster

    I used to use small h1 tags at the very top of the page. I did this on about 80 sites and had no problems.

    I don't do this anymore, because this is the wrong way to use h1 and I don't think Google pays too much attention to it.

    What I'd recommend is using the h1 (and other header tags) to organise your text. So
    <h1>The subject of my page
    <h2>Header - my first paragraph title
    text here
    <h3>Sub Header (if needed)
    text here
    <h2>Next Header - my second paragraph title

    and so on.

    Use headers to help you organise your text, not to include keywords. If you've written your page properly, most of your headers will include important key words and phrases anyway.

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