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Have you earned money with a web host affiliate program?

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by Beverly, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Beverly

    Beverly New Member Webmaster

    My current web hosting company offers a really nice affiliate program for their host package. They offer a really good free hosting service as well as paid upgrade, as well as glossy banners to promote the product. Though i've found that a well written (enthusiastic) review for the product is the best sales tool along with an affiliate link to the sign up page.

    The good thing about promoting an affiliate program for a host company is the money is residual meaning you are paid month after month. So you can put up a blog review or distribute free articles with an affiliate link back to the product and earn money for months and even years after the fact.

    Residual income is good cause it means you work a little now and earn money over time even when you're not working.

    Have you tried making money off your web host's affiliate program?
  2. lowriderSTi

    lowriderSTi New Member Webmaster

    No, but this sounds really good. I wish I could find something similar. :D
  3. Shortie861

    Shortie861 New Member Webmaster

    The host I was with previous up until around a month ago had an affiliate option which I did use however I never made anything from it at all which is a shame. I think it's great that hosting companies are offering this kind of service to those that use their company for hosting however it really depends how well established the company your are using is as to whether you would benefit from it.
  4. afh

    afh New Member Webmaster

    I make a bit every month from my host. It's not retirement stuff, but every little bit is welcome. :)

    As we all know 'the money's in the list' and autoresponders are expensive, especially when your subscriber base grows into the hundreds. Lead Generating Tools gives their hosting customers free unlimited autoresponders and a host of other tools, including pre-made squeeze pages and free PLR content.
    Best of all is they're small, so any problem is immediately sorted out be Steve - the owner. He's on several occasions made changes to his business and products just to suit my needs.
    Here's my affiliate link: http://www.leadgeneratingtools.com/rep/sylquard.html , this is one of the very few companies that I've worked with online that I have absolutely no hesitation in suggesting.

    I'm on a Gold package, which gives unlimited domains, but more importantly as many autoresponders as I can use.
    The other nice bit with the responders is they have a campaign option, so when all the scheduled messages have completed it can be set to move the subscribers to another list. I have one main list, and then subs for every free offer or newsletter subscription list. Once the newsletter has completed it's run they get moved over to the main list, so this keeps growing all on it's own - pretty cool.

    It takes time, but once you have a few thousand emails subscribed to your list it becomes a whole lot easier to make money online.

    Oh, and with a Gold account Steve gives you 10 email safelists. I've generated hundreds of new subscribers through these alone.
  5. bauss

    bauss New Member Webmaster

    I've tried it once before, but I never had any success. This was my first attempt at being a affiliate(few years ago), and I had no idea how hard it would be to bring customers to a web host with very little traffic.
  6. jpvonline

    jpvonline New Member Webmaster

    Which host are you using? I'd like to signup and take a look :)
    Getting sales for a host company is all about how it compares to other hosts. Say if it is cheaper than GoDaddy or NameCheap, it'll get plenty of sales and you'll earn a lot of commission. Whether if you are promoting a host with a lot of downtime, or has more expensive hosting rates, you won't get any commission because customers can just go with a more popular host and get more for their money.

    It is a great way to earn some quick cash though. Promoting hosting with your affiliate links on different forums (of course only the ones that allow it) and making your own blog, maybe one with the top hosts, you can make some serious cash quite fast!

    Good luck!
  7. BigBigFan

    BigBigFan New Member Webmaster

    I like to replace the "hosted by" link in the footer with an affiliate link to the host but I don't do this on all of my sites (I own more than one but less than ten). I like to reserve that idea for sites which are webmaster related.

    I haven't made a fortune doing this but every bit helps.
  8. jpvonline

    jpvonline New Member Webmaster

    Not many sales would convert from a footer link, though perhaps other site owners that visit your site may be surprised with the speed and that footer link would drive a conversion.
    I would change all the links in your footer to an affiliate link. You never know, you might make a conversion from it!
  9. trentz

    trentz Member Webmaster

    I have been trying to gain from them though. I tried to promote my host as their affiliate however, they tend not to allow just posting affiliate links in the forum because they require me to disclose a "material connection" between me and my host so I stop.

    anyone experienced this?
  10. afh

    afh New Member Webmaster

    Yip. But fair enough, if you're pitching a product then it's only right to tell people that you're trying to sell them something, and not just giving an opinion. Nothing wrong with it and the opinion could be honest and valid if you completely believe in the product you're pitching.
    I've got a good friend who sells amber chains for babies on baby forums. She has 3 kids and swears by the things and no-one can convince her otherwise. This comes through in her posts. So even though she's openly selling a product she's welcomed on her forums as an expert and her input is valued.
    Just don't spam the forums, add value, be honest, and this will translate to sales if your product is competitive.
  11. jessicacain126

    jessicacain126 New Member Webmaster

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