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(HELP) the best inner circle and forums that I should be part of?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by TomRasi, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. TomRasi

    TomRasi New Member Webmaster

    Hi guys (and gals) ... I just joined this forum.

    I'm not much a lurker so I wanted to jump in here right away.

    This stuff is all new to me. I've owned a commercial pipe laying business in the past but never did anything online.

    I want to learn all this REALLY quick.

    I'm exploring the idea of a quality MLM program, affiliate opportunities and other internet marketing ventures.

    Besides this forum... do you have other sites you'd recommend for MLM, affiliate or internet marketing?

    Other forums would be best IF they have a smart crowd with useful input. I like interacting with people and asking them questions.

    On that note, any quality coaching programs or private forums and private memberships (I really believe in masterminds and inner circles) that you can recommend?

    I don't want to just buy ebooks as it's a one-sided way of learning...

    But I'd REALLY APPRECIATE your input on:

    - forums ... especially private forums and related memberships
    - coaching / mastermind / inner circle programs
    - seminars / workshops

    Can you suggest anything??

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