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HelpLowSelfEsteem.com – 100% Unique Content - Receiving Google Traffic - 25 Articles

Discussion in 'Advertising and Media Space' started by beyond80, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. beyond80

    beyond80 New Member Webmaster

    Brief Info
    Site : Help Low Self Esteem - Index
    Domain registra: Godaddy
    Date established: 04/12/2008

    This lucrative website niche in a profitable market is about improving one’s self esteem as well as tutorials on many areas of self help such as self respect, NLP, success in life etc. This provides the ultimate combination for a ready-to-go website featuring a premium design, pre-loaded content and more!

    There are always going to be people looking to improve themselves. Thus the self improvement niche gets MILLIONS of searches per month, so you can just imagine the amount of money to be made.

    The domain is fully brandable, easy to remember where the domain describes the content or website itself. Additionally, there are approximate 3600 searches for the keyword “help low self esteem” for the month of January 2009 alone, according to Google keywords suggestion tool. There are so many different keywords with literally millions of searches

    Note: Hosting is set up with HostGator and pre-paid for one month, however if you would like this site moved over to your existing hosting account, I can do that, free of charge.

    The design has been professionally done.. It's designed to look very appealing and to capture reader trust without any unnecessary clutters. This is done for optimal monetization.

    There are about 25 ORIGINAL with SEO OPTIMIZED articles with minimum of 500 words per article. A US writer with broad experience in self help niche has been hired to prepare these in-depth articles featuring tips, resources and information on improving self esteem

    25 of the articles written by the expert consist of the following topic

    Improve Your Self-Esteem
    Positive Perspective for Successful Life
    Knowing How Much You Worth
    Accomplish Your Goals
    Success in Life Through Positive Assertions
    Using Your Capabilities and Achieving Success
    A Tidy Home Leads to Success
    Drive Away Fear and Get Optimistic
    Enhancing Your Creativity
    Ensuring Mental Well-Being
    Follow Your Instincts
    How to Boost Your Creativity
    Imagination Does Wonders
    Improve Your Self-Image and Raise Yourself
    Maintain a Journal to Succeed
    Positive Affirmations as a Tool for Improvement
    Practice NLP to Improve Self-Respect
    Promote Positive Thinking
    Conquering Inner Conflicts
    Conquering the Feeling of Helplessness
    Controlling Your Urge to Control Others
    Defeating Your Doubts
    Get Immune to Intimidation
    Treating Dissociation
    Understanding Your Worth

    All the topics above have been well researched and derived from hot and in demand keywords for self esteem niche right now. There are approximately thousands of searches per month for these keywords according to wordtracker.

    The articles are 100% unique and have been professionally written to cater for the demand in the niche. Content is always the king and unique content will always win in search engine rankings. Thus getting to the top of search engine rankings mean more money to you, the better the ranking, the more profit you will win.

    Google and every other search engines will see the site as unique and fresh as those content are not computer generated nor they are obtained from feeds and stored onto website database. Search engine will be able to index your content easily.

    Here’s the proof that all the pages of the site has already been indexed in Google
    site:http://www.helplowselfesteem.com - Google Search

    With these unique qualities of the content, the site will easily rank on top of search engines like Google and yahoo given mere little promotions.

    There are 0 costs to run this website. There are no complicated scripts or database to run. It’s a flat HTML website built using Dreamweaver website building application.

    Site has already been receiving traffic with good keyword rankings in Google. There is not much promotion being done yet. So you can expect to have great traffic potential once you’ve started to roll out your own traffic marketing campaign

    Earning Potential:

    1. Google Adsense
    You can earn money from Google Adsense on autopilot just by placing the codes on the website. Self improvement market is hot with full of high bid keywords. According to the recent Google Adwords tool, advertisers are paying about US0.85 - US1.07 per click!

    2. Ebay Auction
    You can display popular products sold from Ebay and earn 50%-75%commissions as well as US25 per referral or sign up at Ebay

    3. Clickbank Sales
    There are tons of self improvement products which you can sell as an affiliate from Clickbank marketplace with pays averaging from 50% - 75% commissions per sale

    4. Amazon Store
    You will earn 4% -10% from commissions earn when someone purchases something from Amazon via your links displayed on the site. You don’t have to worry about sourcing, packaging, insurance and other shipment hassles

    Domain Name:
    Domain is registered with godaddy. Domain transfer is available to the new buyer via Godaddy at no charge

    Site Transfer And Instant Ownership
    Once payment is made, I will help you to transfer the site to your hosting of your choice and ensure the site is up and running. These steps involved are pretty straightforward and very easy to understand.

    Payment Terms
    You can pay via Escrow. Site and domain will be transferred to you once payment has been received

    Starting BID: US50
    BIN: US299
    End Date: 30 March 2009

    PM me for offers!

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