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Hire a Professional Web Developer & Designer

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by jaikanth123, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. jaikanth123

    jaikanth123 New Member Webmaster

  2. vikdevere

    vikdevere New Member Webmaster

    The full and complete cost of outsourcing with Staff India is £299 per month, (typical cost). Outsourcing with Staff India will thus enable you to considerably reduce your costs on employee salaries.

    Staff India is a UK company. This gives Staff India a distinct advantage; Staff India understands the importance of professionalism, quality service and excellent results when outsourcing. Hence, when outsourcing with Staff India, you are selecting an outsourcing partner which is acutely aware of your expectations and objectives. With you and Staff India sharing the same goals, this will help ensure the outsourcing process is a success.
  3. SDeveloper

    SDeveloper Guest

    This is not the proper forum for this sort of thread. You should try out Market Place section.
  4. JasonP

    JasonP New Member Webmaster

    Doing a good e-commerce site is very difficult without a good developer. Over the years I've tried doing it myself, hiring staff, and even hiring from overseas, which makes me very nervous!
  5. Shames.Oram

    Shames.Oram New Member Webmaster

    At the moment most people still hire professional web designers/developers to design and build their website but with a growing number of site building applications appearing, people are finding they can do more and more stuff themselves.
    These site building tools are going to get better and better over time and eventually I can imagine people will be able to build their own database driven applications with a fancy jquery front end by clicking a few buttons.

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